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Brand Athena
Product Type Crankshaft
Product Group Crankshafts & Parts
Catalogue DIRT


ATHENA Long Stroke Racing Crankshaft, Pin Ø 14 mm - S410485320001


Athena’s crankshaft are made of premium materials combined with the latest production technology. Designed for top-performance engines, they ensure maximum performance with high-powered engines in situation of greater stress. These products are also suitable for tuned-up engines and ensure maximum performance that lasts over time. Athena offers the following range of crankshafts:

a) Original: perfect replacement for the original crankshaft, but with improved balance and a lighter connecting rod. Each kit includes a special bearing cage.

b) Racing: available with hole for wrist pin of small end casing measuring Ø10mm or Ø12mm. Available with a lighter crankshaft and special bearing cages. Differs from the Original Kit for its solid crank shaft handles, made entirely by milling to reduce the volume of the crank handle case.

c) Long Stroke Racing: same as the Ø12mm Racing crankshaft, but with longer stroke. This kit can be combined with Athena Long Stroke Racing cylinder kit, to increase cylinder capacity to 80cm3.

Technical features

  • Big End Bearing (mm) 20x26x13,8
  • Big End Bore (mm) 20.00
  • Big End Width (mm) 14.00
  • Center To Center (mm) 97.60
  • Crank Radius (mm) 25.55
  • Net Weight (Kg) 1.78
  • Piston Pin Diameter (mm) 18.00
  • Pivot Fly Wheel Diameter (mm) 20.00
  • Pivot Fly Wheel Length (mm) 61.00
  • Pivot Pulley Diameter (mm) 20.00
  • Pivot Pulley Length (mm) 52.50
  • Shoulder Width (mm) 45.00
  • Small End Width (mm) 14.00
  • Stroke (mm) 51.10
  • Washer Thickness (mm) 20.00

Vehicle Compatibility

YAMAHA YZ 85 2002 - 2018


Part No   56-K183.53.LSC (Distributed



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