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Champion Spark Plug N5C (OE074/T10)

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More Information
Brand Champion Spark Plugs
Product Type Spark Plug
Product Group Ignition & Electrical Parts
Alternate SKU's 14-8C, 145/14/3, 145/3, Z58, W145T2, W175T2, W225T2, W8C, W8C0, W8CC, W8CD, W95T2, W9C, W9CC, W9CL, W7CC, W14E, W16ESL11, W16ESU, W17ES-U, W17ESU, W22EU, W20ESU, WU14EU, WU9EU, B4ES, B5ES, B6ES, F5C



Champion Copper Plus Small Engine Spark Plug

Product Description:

Experience consistent and reliable performance with the Champion Copper Plus Small Engine Spark Plug. Engineered with a copper core electrode, this spark plug ensures enhanced conductivity and precise heat management, resulting in reliable ignition and prolonged wear resistance.

Key Features:

  • Copper Plus - Dependable Performance and Durability: Trusted for its consistent performance and long-lasting durability.
  • OE Type Replacement Plug: Designed as a direct replacement for original equipment spark plugs, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation.
  • Resists Fouling: Prevents fouling, ensuring consistent spark performance even in demanding operating conditions.
  • Copper Core Centre Electrode: Allows for accurate control of the heat range, ensuring a longer lifespan for the spark plug.
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance: Withstands corrosive elements, enhancing durability and longevity.
  • Built to ISO and SAE Standards: Manufactured to meet stringent industry standards, ensuring proven performance and reliability.

Spark Plug Dimensions:

  • Plug Type: N5C
  • Centre Electrode Tip Material: Nickel
  • Pre-Gap Size (MM): 0.64 / Pre-Gap Size (IN): 0.026
  • Ground Electrode Quantity: 1
  • Hex Size (MM): 20.650 / Hex Size (IN): 0.813
  • Manufacturer Heat Range: 5
  • Seat Type: Flat
  • Reach (IN): 0.75
  • Thread Diameter (MM): 14.000 / Thread Diameter (IN): 0.551
  • Resistor Type: No
  • Ground Electrode Core Material: Nickel
  • Washer Included: Yes
  • Classification: Champion Copper Plus Small Engine
  • Electrical Terminal Type: Removable Nut
  • Hex Type: Hex
  • Washer Type: Crush
  • Indexed: No
  • Part Description: Spark Plug
  • Centre Electrode Diameter (Inch) (IN): 0.1
  • Ground Electrode Material: Nickel Copper Alloy


Cross Reference Numbers ONLY

If unsure of compatibility, please check fitments via catalogue HERE before purchase.

BERU - 14-8C, 145/14/3, 145/3, Z58, 
BOSCH - W145T2, W175T2, W225T2, W8C, W8C0, W8CC, W8CD, W95T2, W9C, W9CC, W9CL, W7CC,
DENSO - W14E, W16ESL11, W16ESU, W17ES-U, W17ESU, W22EU, W20ESU, WU14EU, WU9EU,

Champion Motorcycle Spark plugs are now available through ORO2U. Use our online catalogue HERE to quickly browse vehicle cross references and access up-to-date fitment information. All our catalogues now have clickable links taking you directly to our product page.


Arctic Cat Cheetah 340 1974-1975
Arctic Cat Panther 340 1974-1974
BMW R60/2 1960-1969
Harley-Davidson SS350 1973-1974
Honda CB350G Super Sport 1973-1973
Honda CB350K Super Sport 1968-1972
Honda CB360 1974-1976
Honda CB360G 1974-1974
Honda CB360T 1975-1976
Honda CB450 1966-1966
Honda CB500T Twin DOHC 1975-1976
Honda CJ360 1976-1977
Honda CL350 Scrambler 1968-1973
Honda CL360 Scrambler 1974-1976
Honda CL450K Scrambler 1967-1974
Honda CR450R 1981-1981
Honda MR175 1975-1977
Honda MR250 1976-1976
Honda MT125 1974-1976
Honda MT250 1974-1976
Honda NS50F 1990-1990
Honda SL350 1970-1972
Honda XL175 1973-1978
Husqvarna CR360 1975-1976
Kawasaki KZ750B/E 1976-1979
Kawasaki KZ750F LTD Shaft 1983-1983
Kawasaki KZ750G LTD II 1980-1980
Kawasaki KZ750K LTD Belt 1983-1984
Kawasaki KZ750M CSR 1982-1982
Maico 400 1981-1983
Maico 400 Enduro 1978-1979
Maico 450 Enduro 1978-1979
Polaris Colt 175 1972-1976
Polaris TC 175 1975-1975
Ski-Doo Blizzard 5500 1979-1981
Ski-Doo Blizzard 5500 MX 1981-1981
Ski-Doo Citation 3500 1980-1981
Ski-Doo Citation 4500 1980-1981
Ski-Doo Citation SS 1980-1981
Suzuki GT750 Le Mans 1972-1974
Suzuki TS250 1970-1976
Triumph Bonneville 750 T140D 1979-1981
Triumph Bonneville 750 T140E America 1979-1979
Triumph Bonneville 750 T140E Final Edition 1981-1981
Triumph Trident 750 T160V 1975-1976
Yamaha DT1C-MX 1970-1970
Yamaha DT1E 1971-1971
Yamaha DT1MX 1971-1971
Yamaha MX175 1976-1978
Yamaha MX250 1973-1973
Yamaha RT1MX 1970-1971
Yamaha SC500 1973-1974
Yamaha SM292 1973-1974
Yamaha TY175 1975-1975
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